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Translation is extremely important in today’s world. This allows those who speak multiple languages from all around the world to work together in order to understand each other. for those who are not knowledgeable of other languages, our translator can help.

Our certified Spanish and English translator is trained in both languages to give you the help for anything from understanding legal documentation from other countries to deciphering your foreign relatives’ letters. We will take the source text, whether it be personal or business related, and give you an translation in your preferred language. You should be able to understand your documents thoroughly, and we are here to help you in all your endeavors.

We also provide tax preparation and legal translation for those who are in need of a translator’s assistance within the justice system. With the busy work of court documentation and taxes, accurate communication is very important, and Liberal Income Tax only wants to help make these processes easier.

For more information on our English and Spanish translator, contact Liberal Income Tax in Liberal, KS today!